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Social media is now very much a buzz word, but does it really deliver? We will help you answer that question in a manner that is exciting for your fans and your brand!

Priyanka Dalal, Founder

This is Priyanka’s first entrepreneurial experiment. Prior to starting up, she worked in-house at various companies to manage their social media activities. She has 6+ years of professional social media experience. She has also been very avidly involved in large number of personal, just for fun and non-profit initiatives which gave her the opportunity to explore social media further.

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krishna gantra

Krishna Ganatra, Executive Chief

Krishna is a marketing communications expert with more than 4 years of experience. She is the executive team leader at DigiWhirl and the go to person to get stuff done. She is also a hobbyist travel writer and photographer. Her previous creative journey includes a vast experience in public relations and content development.

Her Twitter, Linkedin & Blog

We are a small setup, thus ensuring that we can give quality time and attention to your requirements!