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Social media is now very much a buzz word, but does it really deliver? We will help you answer that question in a manner that is exciting for your fans and your brand!

Priyanka Dalal, Founder

This is Priyanka’s first entrepreneurial experiment. Prior to starting up, she worked in-house at various companies to manage their social media activities. She has 6+ years of professional social media experience. She has also been very avidly involved in large number of personal, just for fun and non-profit initiatives which gave her the opportunity to explore social media further.

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krishna gantra

Krishna Ganatra, Executive Chief

Krishna is a marketing communications expert with more than 4 years of experience. She is the executive team leader at DigiWhirl and the go to person to get stuff done. She is also a hobbyist travel writer and photographer. Her previous creative journey includes a vast experience in public relations and content development.

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Kirtida Dalal, Gujarati HoD

With about 10 years of experience in Gujarati writing, Kirtida plays a key role in DigiWhirl’s high quality social media marketing services in Gujarati language. Apart from her exploration of social media marketing, she takes up freelance writing assignments and translation works. She does not miss a chance to write short stories and participate in writing competitions. Currently also writing a column for Janmabhoomi, the prestigious Gujarati newspaper.

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We are a small setup, thus ensuring that we can give quality time and attention to your requirements!