Social Media for Kids #1 – LEGO Product Launch

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Very recently my brother had a baby and all of us have gone into a ‘baby zone’ – where its all about the oh-so many baby products needed to manage everything well! Its still a few months before she starts playing with toys but the one toy set I am most excited to get is Lego blocks! I know once I get it, me and bro will be as excited playing with them as will my niece! I can still remember the thrill of Lego blocks we had as children. That particular set then got passed off to my younger cousin and from her to some other kid and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still being played somewhere with a few pieces missing! 🙂

When I was looking to cover social media case-studies for the ‘kids demographic’, one of the first thoughts I had was ‘what is Lego doing in the new media space?’. I had come across some interesting stuff regarding LARPs – Live Action Role Playing games being organized for groups of people and Lego LARPing is very popular! Given this huge fan love Lego can totally having a huge social media presence with very cool activities.

Life of George
Lego recently launched a ‘Life of George’ game with their classic brick game, an itunes app and augmented reality features. It challenges the kid to recreate a brick structure from a given picture of George’s various travels! They photograph their creation with the app and get points depending on how well the models are made! Multi-player option is available where two people can compete in the game. Check out the video, its exciting to see a timeless game of building blocks combined with new technology!

Social media is a great platform to make this app-set go viral. They did a number of Facebook activities to create buzz around the product before launching it.

Picture Contest
The entrants had to make George from their Lego bricks and take his picture in a cool place. The best uploaded pics would win! This activity has been done before but always manages to excite – one of my favorite use of this theme was in the movie Amelie where she takes her Father’s garden gnome statue, clicks its picture in different locations around the world and sends it to him. It finally got her dad to travel!

So besides being a popular and exciting activity this contest capitalizes on the fact that Lego players love making mini-figures and then sort of ‘LARPing’ with them. Kids would totally enjoy making George and taking him to exciting places in their neighbourhood and clicking his picture. It can be seen from the numerous and varied entries the contest received! Even after the contest was over people uploaded these pictures cause they really loved the idea!

I am George
George got a Facebook page and I am not sure why the custom URL is The updates are actually whacky and cool – about George’s family, behind the scene stuff in the office for his ‘secret project’, art class work etc.. Its a cool page that kids would definitely engage with!

Secret Project
The new product was hyped well with references to ‘George’s secret project’ scattered in the contest as well as George’s page. It sort of builds a mystery around what seems to be a simple picture contest. These references would have gotten the imagination of a lot of kids. It can be seen from the excitement and peak in interaction when the product is finally announced.

Building ‘George’
What is totally expected on a Lego page are fans drooling around and showing off their new creations! The ‘George’ page is no different there are many entries from fans about the game – what they made, their level ups! and if they are dissapointed cause they don’t have the right phone to play this game! It was good to see George’s cool replies to most of these entries. These replies and updates build up George’s personality which is one of factors that lead to success of such a campaign.

The flipside of this page I find is that, the activity on the pages is just too low and too few! Contest updates were not even daily. The ‘I am George’ page keeps missing updates and then the next update talks about George being too busy with his secret project… While the tone and content of the updates is exciting, a more robust and dynamic social media presence for this brand is missed!

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