Hands On Digital Marketing Consultation

With over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, I can help your brand improve its marketing presence in a big way. From setting up marketing efforts from scratch to increasing business from existing activities, I have tackled many diverse scenarios and can provide the needed guidance as a hands-on consultant.

How is Hands-On Consultation different?

Consultation: meeting, talking, discussing

The usual problem with consultation is that the ensuing implementation is often skewed and doesn’t deliver the results.

The effort behind a ‘Hands-On Consultation’ role is to improve implementation of the discussed strategy by some hands-on time. This would mostly include,

  1. Training the internal team
  2. Overview and process building for internal team
  3. Getting work done via external agencies if needed

This hands-on time ensures that I am part of the process from beginning to end. And this is not just for your brands benefit. It is also because the biggest learnings take place when we actually get results. This let’s me create more impact next time.