#1caday : 1-campaign-a-day series Week in Review

We have recently launched a 1-campaign-a-day series on our Facebook and Twitter communities where we talk about 1 exciting social media campaign daily for the month of February.

Campaigns covered in the first week,

1. Use of Facebook credits for movie rentals by Miramax & Warner Bros. David Guetta selling his Nothing but the Beat album on Facebook via credits!

These features and campaigns are making Facebook a comprehensive web element. Brands can have their stores, sales, marketing, customer services and et al managed on Facebook alone! 

2. Like the Facebook page and win a Car! Fan the flame campaign by Car brand Mini

Many contests that provide an incentive for Liking the Facebook page, but a chance to win a car is unique! 

3. Jimmy Kimmels ‘I gave my kids a terrible present‘ campaign.

One more successful Youtube campaign by Jimmy Kimmel! Such campaigns provides an all time humor value! 

4. Burberry’s crowdsource site/facebook app campaign Art of the Trench!

Just one of the interesting social media initiatives by Burberry, started many years back and still going strong.

5.Campaign by the fans of Sherlock Holmes! #believeinsherlock is gaining popularity on social media as fans respond to the last episode of Season 2 in the TV series!

Always amazing to see the people take to social media whether its for a revolution or just expression for this classic literary character or wait…. Moriarty is Real! 

6. KLM’s social seating, puts relevance of social profiles on the next level!

Not know anything about the person sitting next to you, makes it tough to break the ice. Now that is not a problem anymore!  

7. Find your dog twin! The ‘My Dog ID‘ app from Best Friends Animal Society to spread awareness and boost dog adoption!

Viral element and good cause  —> great combination 🙂


Let us know any awesome social media campaign you want to add to this list @ #1caday on Twitter or on our Facebook page!